Two men have been charged in a fatal shooting that claimed the lives of a woman and a man at a convenience store in East Garfield Park.

Destiny Nunez, 23, and Adrian Navarro, 18, were killed following an altercation with the victims and one of the suspects on May 21, Cook County prosecutors said Friday.

Anthony Roldan, 18, has been charged with murder. His co-defendant, Judge Pierce, 20, was charged with grievous bodily harm for his actions before Roldan began shooting, prosecutors said.

Roldan, then 17, and Pierce were lining up behind the victims when Roldan and Nunez began arguing at the liquor and grocery store on the 500 block of North Kedzie Avenue, prosecutors said. When Navarro went to pay, Pierce allegedly threw a bottle at him and began punching him repeatedly.

Nunez tried to break up the fight, but Roldan pulled out a handgun and began firing, prosecutors said.

Nunez was able to run outside. Roldan reportedly held Navarro by the shirt until Navarro was also able to free himself and run into the parking lot outside.

A store employee heard Roldan threaten to “smoke” Nunez and Navarro, before walking out of the business and firing several more shots at the two, hitting them both, prosecutors said.

Nunez fell in the parking lot but Navarro kept running, prosecutors said. Navarro was eventually taken to hospital with injuries but died like Nunez.

The shooting was captured by surveillance cameras and Chicago police were able to track down the car Roldan and Pierce fled in using POD cameras and license plate scanners, which showed the car was registered at an address that Pierce had once used as his home address. , prosecutors said.

Both men were in the vehicle during a traffic stop in July that was recorded by the officer’s body-worn cameras, prosecutors said.

Multiple officers identified Roldan and Pierce in prior encounters after viewing surveillance footage of the shooting, prosecutors said.

Roldan was “attacked” by Nunez, who was holding a broken bottle, before shooting, a defense attorney said, citing video evidence.

Pierce is on a program to become an electrician and turned himself in to police when he learned he was wanted, the defense attorney added.

Pierce has an ongoing aggravated unlawful use of a weapon case, prosecutors said.

Judge Mary Marubio noted that Roldan had a gun he was not legally allowed to possess at the time of the shooting. Roldan also said he was going to “smoke” the victims and didn’t appear to be defending himself, the judge also pointed out.

Marubio ordered that Roldan be held without bond. Pierce was sentenced to $100,000 bond.

Both men are scheduled to return to court on February 9.

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