Charities and community groups in County Meath are invited this week to apply for funding under Aldi’s 2021 Community Grants program.

Aldi will distribute more than 150 scholarships of € 500 nationwide through the program to local charities and community organizations that contribute essential work and services and make a real difference in their local communities.

Seven grants will be distributed among charities and community organizations in County Meath.

Staff at each of Aldi’s Meath stores will select a charity or community organization in their area to award the scholarship to, allowing Aldi staff to help local good causes they care about.

Charities wishing to come forward for the scholarship donation can apply at their local Aldi store.

Aldi’s Community Grants program has donated nearly € 450,000 to more than 750 local charities in Ireland since 2016. Charities and recipient organizations range from rescue teams to animal sanctuaries to the help for people with disabilities, help with mental health and many more.

Commenting, John Curtin, Aldi Group Purchasing Director, said: “The past 18 months have been extremely difficult for charities and community organizations which have seen demand for their services increase.

“We must continue to provide these funds to support organizations that are making such a difference in the lives of so many people in our communities. “

Rural and Community Development Minister Heather Humphreys added, “Aldi’s Community Grants program demonstrates the deep involvement and commitment of Aldi stores to the communities they serve.

“These grants are invaluable to small charities and local community groups in County Meath, and make a big difference in helping them carry out their much-needed work.

“Supporting charities and local organizations is more important than ever, and it is fantastic to see Aldi staff directly helping the local causes they care about. “

Operating 147 stores in Ireland, Aldi is deeply involved in the local communities served by its stores. To date, Aldi has donated a total of 2.9 million euros of meals to FoodCloud, 240,000 € (through Aldi stock sold in stores, donations on packaging, donations of vouchers, support for partnerships and staff / client donations) to Barnardos since its partnership in November 2020, and will have raised over € 450,000 through its community grants program by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Aldi has announced that it will expand its Click and Collect service to more Meath stores.

The service has proven to be extremely popular with Meath shoppers since its launch in March, and as of today, the discount retail giant is now offering the service to customers at its Navan store, with its Main St store, Clonee to offer the service starting next week.

Aldi’s click and collect service is currently available at its store in Cavan Road, Kells, Co. Meath.

The popular service involves Meath shoppers choosing time slots to arrive at dedicated Click and Collect points in store parking lots, ordering groceries from Aldi’s full line of products online, and then dropping into Aldi’s Navan and Clonee stores where they can have their purchases brought in their car. by colleagues in the contactless store, in accordance with the social distancing rules in force.

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