Buyers have attacked Sainsbury’s after the decision to remove one of their favorite Nectar Card offers.

The supermarket giant – which owns a number of stores in Stoke-on-Trent – has canceled its Nectar Double Up promotion, leaving customers furious.

Double Up does exactly as the name suggests; it allows customers to redeem all the Nectar points they have accumulated for vouchers worth twice their face value.

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Vouchers are only valid in store and for certain products, including: clothing, household items and electrical items.

The Double Up promotion took place in October and November 2020, but Sainsbury’s has confirmed that the event has been discontinued this year.

The news did not fall with all of the customers, with some taking to Twitter to express their fury, according to the Mirror.

One said: “I actually can’t explain how furious I am that Sainsbury’s canceled their Nectar Double Up this year. I’m saving my points for it!

“You made your fortune with the pandemic, but you’re canceling double that. Do you want to explain? “

Another said: “No, I saved my points especially for Double!”

A third tweeted: “No double ups this year.”

It comes as the supermarket announced it was launching a new My Nectar pricing program amid a huge upheaval, claiming shoppers could save over £ 200 per year.

The idea is that Nectar knows what you buy most often, so you will get personalized offers based on your stores.

The supermarket said customers will be offered up to 30% off products under the new program.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said Double Up was canceled due to the reduced number of customers using the promotion in recent years.

They said, “We know some people will be disappointed to see it go away, but we hope more customers can take advantage of our new My Nectar Prizes offer.

“This gives customers access to lower prices and personalized offers all year round.”

Sainsbury’s has over 600 supermarkets and 800 convenience stores across the UK.

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What is nectar?

Nectar is owned by Sainsbury’s with approximately 18 million people signed up to the loyalty program.

But it’s not just Sainsbury’s where you can earn points.

Nectar can be used in several stores and online retailers, such as Argos and eBay.

You get one Nectar Point for every £ 1 spent at a qualifying store.

A Nectar point is then worth 0.5 pence in return, meaning that 100 points would be converted into 50 pence to spend and 200 points equals £ 1.

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