With everything eventually going digital, there are just some things that can never be replaced, especially good old-fashioned physical books. They might be more expensive (a bit more inflation now 🥲), but now you finally have the opportunity to buy your favorite paper books at a discount!

From July 8 to 11, you can enjoy 20% – 60% off on your favorite books, gadgets, CDs and more during POPULAR’s big sale!

Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of it POPULAR (pun intended) flash sale!

1. Unleash your inner shopaholic with 20% OFF STOREWIDE

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Yes it means as long as you are a POPULAR member of the mapeverything you buy from POPULAR/HARIS libraries will be reduction of 20! Fortunately, POPULAR/HARRIS stores offer a wide variety of products that members can shop from, including:

  • Books of so many genres i.e. Fiction, Lifestyle, Non-Fiction, Kids and Comics
  • stationery
  • Computer gadgets & goods
  • CDs and DVDs

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And if you spend RM150 and more during HOT Big Saleyou can use a Cash voucher of RM10! Can save money next time you shop at POPULAR~

Not one POPULAR card member Again? Read more to find out how you can sign up and what benefits you’ll get, including coupons!

2. sangat Great deals that save you up to 60%

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Do you like HUGE discounts? So are we, which is why you should definitely check them out. POPULAR allows you save up to 60%* on over 50 selected items at POPULAR/HARIS outlets, with books, CDs and even gadgets up for grabs!

Some of the most notable flagship sale items include:

3. Get up to 50% off PWP Items

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Spend RM80 and more and you can enjoy up to 50% discount on 3M Scotch Titanium Detachable Kitchen Scissors Or the ONPRO 10000mAh 18W Fast Charging Power Bank.* Very good discounts for useful everyday tools!

*Terms and conditions apply.

4. Join the club now to earn even more benefits

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You are not yet a member of the POPULAIRE card or you wish to renew your membership? You’d be thrilled to know that there’s a big sale member-exclusive promotion for both new and existing HOT map members!

For these four days only (July 8 – 11)get rewarded when you subscribe or renew your POPULAR Card/E-card:

  • 3 year membership: Cash voucher of RM10
  • 1 year membership: Cash voucher RM6

You can even use them immediately after renewal/registrationso you don’t miss any of the big sales promotions!

So many flights! Gotta find the time to shop at POPULAR this long weekend!

hopper dance
Getting jiggy with all the deez promos~

If you still hesitate too long to shop outside, POPULAR is there for you! You can use POPULAR’s Ordering Services, Pick & Go by WhatsApp-ing them here and enjoy shopping with minimal contact. It’s safer, and it can save even more time!

HOT Big Sale happens at 38 POPULAR/HARIS libraries selected ahso check this list first to make sure you are in the right place you?

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We don’t want you to miss your thrifty shopping opportunity either!

For more information on what you can expect from HOT Big SaleClick on here~ And be sure to follow POPULAR on Facebook and instagram for more promos and offers!

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