When a Virgin Media customer found out his bill was potentially increasing by £ 56 per year, he decided to take action – and lowering it was much easier than expected.

The price hike season kicked off this week, with Virgin Media announcing a colossal £ 56 a year hike for millions of customers from March – when a series of inflation hikes will take effect.

But a Reddit user took action after finding out his bill was about to take a pretty severe hit.

The anonymous customer explained how he called Virgin Media to negotiate his bill at a more affordable price.

Sharing the victory, they were able to reduce their monthly bill by £ 22 per month – or £ 264 per year – by simply asking for a more competitive package.

They also managed to double their broadband speed at the same time.

Posting under the username @super_jobby they said: “I called in hopes of getting my teeth out by haggling with Virgin Media, the first person I spoke to doubled my speed high debit and invoice is £ 22 cheaper per month. “

The customer did not share the price he paid before and after, or whether he also had telephone and television services.

Bargaining power: challenging a price hike could go a long way


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They recommended it was worth trying to add, “Suspiciously easy … anyone else considering renewing, call today !!” “

If you’re a Virgin customer affected by the hike, the company told The Mirror it is currently writing to UK customers to let them know about the changes.

If you are affected by the increase, you can exit your contract without paying an early termination fee.

So how can you haggle your bill down? Whether it’s your mobile phone, broadband, or TV, experts say you should never settle for a higher price tag.

Here are Topcashback Consumer Website Top 10 Tips for Bargaining – and Winning.

Do your research

Prepare for haggling by being armed with the prices and deals offered by other retailers.

This way you can pit rival brands against each other and get better deals while they fight for your business.

Build rapport and be polite

Being aloof and stating the price you want to pay will rarely get results.

However, building a relationship and telling a story – you want the item but can’t afford it, or your partner isn’t as committed – will help a salesperson be warm to you and show you’re ready to negotiate.

Choose your schedule

Timing matters. When a retailer is less busy or below their sales target, they need to increase sales, even at a lower price.

Try to shop when it is quieter. And if you’re looking to negotiate a contract, put a note in your calendar for a month before the end date to remind you to haggle.

Ask for gifts

If you’ve done your best to get a lower price but the retailer isn’t budging, it’s not the end of the road.

While sellers may not be able to offer you a cash discount, they may be able to offer you something for free like a camera bag, laptop case, or free calls on a phone contract.

They might even give you a voucher to use on your next purchase.

Find discounted products

If a retailer is already selling a product at a discounted price, it is likely that they are open to lower offers. It works well towards the end of sales.

Look for faults

If a product is damaged or the packaging is torn, request a discount to compensate.

The smallest of flaws – tiny holes in clothes, a dent in electrical appliances, a scuff on shoes – can easily be fixed but could save you a good percentage of the price.

Haggle at the top

If you haggle in a store, it’s worth asking to speak to a manager. A seller may not have the authority to give you a discount and will therefore put you off with a no direct.

Building a relationship with someone who has more power to keep customers happy can give you better results.

Keep quiet

A salesperson will put an offer on the table and then be silent, but instead of feeling uncomfortable and filling the silence with a yes, stay silent and fill them with a better offer.

Haggle online

Some 65% of people say they were successful in getting a discount after speaking to a service agent on an online chat box.

Ask a few questions about the product you are looking to buy, then ask if there are any discounts or better deals they can offer. Online haggling means you can earn cashback too

Don’t be under pressure

If it all gets too difficult, saying you’re on lunch break and need to get back to work or have another date, will give you a reason to leave if you feel pressured to commit to something you know you want. are not sure of.

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