A WOMAN who worked at Primark ‘unwraps the beans’ on the discount store, including why you should never pay attention to sizes on hangers.

Caitlin Sinnett worked at the store for more than two years and insisted she loved everything about the experience and only left because she needed more hours.


Caitlin Sinnett took to her TikTok page to reveal secrets about working at PrimarkCredit: Tiktok/caitlin_sinnett
She worked at Primark for over two years and loved everything about the experience


She worked at Primark for over two years and loved everything about the experienceCredit: Alamy

But she decided to share some shop secrets in videos on her TikTok page, admitting, “Don’t look at the size on the hanger because nine times out of 10 it’s probably wrong because you can’t be crazy. to find the hanger that actually matches the size of the garment or can’t find a black marker to erase it.

“Or can’t be mad to flip the hanger.”

She also said that if you ask an employee to go check if a size is in stock, they “probably won’t.”

“We’re probably standing in the back for a few minutes,” she explained.

“Or what I used to do to look like I was doing something – if I knew for sure the item wasn’t in stock and the person wasn’t taking no for an answer – I would basically walk to the reserve, stand there for a few minutes and pretend to watch.

“And then come back down and tell yourself it wasn’t in storage.”

While employees can also “order things” or “call other stores for inventory and sizes,” they “can do this, but probably won’t offer it.”

Referring to her employee discount, Caitlin added: “Primark employees only get a discount four times a year for four weeks.

“It’s normally for spring, summer, fall and winter.

“Normally before Christmas, which is usually pretty good, but you can’t get it on sale items.”

Caitlin also said that it’s not worth asking employees where something is because they have no idea because the store is moved so often.

And there’s no point in asking beauty advice from an employee in the beauty department.

“The person working in the beauty section probably doesn’t know anything about beauty,” she said.

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“They have just been put in this section to fill the stock, store and answer any questions from customers.

“But that doesn’t mean they know the products or they’re makeup artists if you ask them about certain products.”

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