LOGAN TWP. –Wawa received zoning approval from the township to open a store in the Logan South Industrial Park, where the operation could rely on busy Route 322 and warehouse workers for customers.

The Route 322 corridor is already thick with warehouses, with more construction and planning. For example, construction is well advanced on a Burlington Coat Factory facility in the same industrial park that Wawa will join.

On Monday evening, the zoning board gathered extensive testimony about the proposal before unanimously approving a use waiver and other developments.

The park owner is subdividing about 5.16 acres for the store, which like others of its size, will have 16 fuel dispensing stations as well as two electric vehicle charging stations. The property is on the northeast corner of Route 322 and the newly constructed Crossroads Boulevard.

The site is about half a mile east of Bridgeport and the Route 130 interchange, with the Commodore Barry Bridge to Pennsylvania just a little further. Route 322 traffic is a major route for summer vacationers heading to the Jersey Shore, another reason Wawa was interested in the site.

“When you step back and look at things globally, there’s not a lot of offerings in terms of fuel and convenience that we can bring to customers,” said Kathryn Cornforth, head of Wawa project.

The approval of the derogation by the Zoning Board is however only a first stage of the project.

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Wawa has yet to come back to council with an actual site plan for council review. The New Jersey Department of Transportation has also not completed its review of the proposed road access to the property.

Cornforth said afterwards that there was no specific date for when the store was likely to open.

This design of the Logan South Industrial Park near Highway 322 in Logan Township shows (bottom) several small parcels set aside for retail use.  Wawa Inc. now has zoning approval to use the central block for a supermarket, following a review late Monday by the Logan Zoning Board.  July 11, 2022.

Wawa’s other store in Logan is on Center Square Road near Exit 10 off Route 295. He also has a store on Paulsboro Road just off Route 322 in Woolwich Township.

The new store would give the convenience chain three locations within 3.5 miles of each other, each conveniently close to major roads and highways.

“Those two stores may see a bit of business leaving,” Cornforth said. “But all three (should) be successful and independent of each other based on our analysis of his site selection.”

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Zoning board members complained to Wawa representatives about litter in the Center Square Road store, making them promise to do better with garbage disposal and collection.

Cornforth said controlling what happens to waste from its sites is a responsibility of Wawa.

“I heard the Environmental Commission had concerns about this,” Cornforth said. “So I had a conversation with the area manager. And I brought it to his attention, to let him know there are concerns, there are complaints. He told me assured that he will ensure, in the context of his tours, that he continues to monitor him and treat him appropriately.

Another complaint involved trucks being left idling while their drivers were shopping.

“All of these points are well taken,” said Wawa’s attorney, Michael Floyd. “Wawa wants to rectify them.”

Triple Net Investments XXXIX, the development company for Logan South Industrial Park, owns nearly 72 acres off Route 322. The Crossroads Boulevard intersection also serves industrial facilities across Route 322.

A Wawa representative said there are approximately 3.5 million square feet of warehouses between the Logan South and Logan North industrial parks. Those workers are natural customers for the convenience store chain, he said.

The Township Planning Board originally approved unspecified industrial and commercial development of the property in February 2020. The plan has since been amended, although the idea of ​​putting three retail-type businesses on small plots facing to the road remained.

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