Finding a thrift store turned into a months-long quest as a 22-year-old man sought to find the mysterious family in the photos he discovered. But with a little motivation and the help of social media, a Lombard family found precious memories they thought were lost forever.

The journey of the photos, which were in the form of projection slides, begins at a thrift store in Downers Grove, where Greg Kozlick was shopping for electronics last summer.

After spotting a wireless router box, he looked inside only to find something other than electronics.

“I ended up seeing a set with a bunch of different photos,” Kozlick said. “It was written ‘Sue’s wedding’ on the front.”

Months later, Kozlick bought a projector to view the slides, which revealed footage of a couple’s wedding in the 1960s. He quickly took to Facebook, posting some of the photos in hopes that someone would one recognizes the couple.

This person ended up being an old friend from high school who recognized her own grandparents.

NBC 5 captured the moment Kozlick handed the photos to Sue Brose from Lombard.

After viewing some of the slides, it became clear that it was not just her missing wedding photos, but also her late father’s collection of photos from family trips, graduation and more. again.

“It’s amazing. It’s the best gift I could have had,” said Brose. “I’m very sentimental about things like this and I recently had a stroke so I think. in fact even more in those terms. “

Kozlick also surprised Brose with another giveaway; scan the photos so Brose can access the images without having to purchase a projector.

You can watch the full meeting in the video above this article.