A new online marketplace promising to make shopping ridiculously easy in Austin has taken hold in the capital.

ATX Nearby, a digital version of Austin’s coolest shopping districts, is now open for business. Austinites can shop some of their favorite local independent stores and manufacturers from a single hyperlocal online marketplace, add items to a cart, and then have it all delivered to their door.

Plus, Nearby ATX ships nationwide, making delivering Austin-centric gifts like pantry items, books, jewelry, and ATX-branded gear to loved ones a snap. eye.

Nearby ATX – essentially Amazon for Austin – is an offshoot of parent company Nearby, based in Oakland, Calif., Which was founded by April Underwood (formerly product manager of corporate communications platform Slack) in the aim to support the movement of local stores. . Austin is currently the only other city outside of Oakland where the nearby hub exists, although anyone can nominate their city for a nearby market.

Currently, Nearby ATX, which has just been launched, already has dozens of store owners, merchants and manufacturers selling their products on the site, well known local products like Cuveé coffee, Elevé cosmetics and Limbo jewelry. , see you soon favorites like Eastwood, Fika, Flavnt Streetwear and Redeemer Small Batch.

“Nearby ATX was born out of a deep and pervasive feeling that buying things online from giant retailers while my neighborhood stores were hungry was bad for my community,” Brett Rounsaville of Nearby ATX told CultureMap. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a BookPeople novel, a set of Limbo earrings, or a work of art by one of the site’s many independent artists. If you live in an Austin zip code then everything will show up on your doorstep, all together.

In addition to offering local produce, Nearby ATX also helps shoppers learn about the stores that make Austin so weird and wonderful, and introduces shoppers to store owners and shares their stories.

It’s a more efficient way to shop online, according to the site, which notes that “a dollar spent locally is so much more than a dollar at a resort in Seattle” and “supporting the right people in Austin. on some faceless greats. the box store just feels better. We couldn’t agree more.

For more information on Nearby ATX, follow the market on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for new store announcements, exclusive giveaways and special offers.

Austinites can also make suggestions on which of their favorite stores should be listed on Nearby ATX, and store owners who want to join the local online market can complete an online form.

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