Sainsbury’s has announced the return of the ‘Great fruit & veg challenge’ this summer, offering customers the chance to earn up to an additional 750 Nectar Points. Now in its third year, nearly one million customers have already taken part, with 106 million fruit and vegetable servings purchased during the challenge.

From Monday 18e July to Friday 2n/a September, the challenge uses fun and interactive targets to encourage customers to buy more fruit and vegetables when shopping at Sainsbury’s. In return, they will be rewarded with bonus Nectar Points which can be spent at partners such as Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat.

The ‘Great Fruit and Vegetable Challenge’ is just one of the many ways Sainsbury’s is helping everyone eat better, making healthier and more sustainable diets more accessible to everyone. The retailer also continued to reformulate its own products to reduce calories, sugar and salt, while introducing more plant-based innovations.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Sainsbury’s offered customers a £2 top-up voucher whenever they used Healthy Start government vouchers in their basket. Customers who redeemed these vouchers at Sainsbury’s automatically received a voucher worth £2 to use for fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables at their next store. Over the six months of the programme, Sainsbury’s has helped over 17,000 customers take home an additional 1.2 million servings of fruit and vegetables, adding an average of 5.5 extra servings to their baskets.

To participate in the “Great fruit & veg challenge”, customers can log in to the Nectar application. Each user is set personalized goals based on their typical shopping habits, allowing each user to earn up to 750 bonus points.

Nectar app users can earn points in two ways. First, by completing three global goals based on the number of servings of fruits and vegetables purchased, with up to 350 points up for grabs. There are also eight produce badges to collect, worth 50 bonus points each, earned by purchasing servings of specific fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli.

This year, the challenge is expanding from four to seven weeks for the first time, giving customers more time to collect their badges and earn points throughout the summer holidays.

Mark Given, Marketing Director at Sainsbury’s, commented: “It’s easy to get stuck in a rut eating the same fruit and veg, and we’re always looking for ways to encourage people not just to add more fruit and veg that they love their baskets, but also try new things. This is why we will reintroduce the Grand fruit & vegetable challenge in our stores, to make healthy eating even more accessible to families.

“Last year, over 500,000 people participated and collected over 83 million Nectar Points. We also know that our customers have continued to eat fruits and vegetables for at least six weeks after the challenge ended. three more weeks at this year’s challenge, we hope to beat that goal while continuing our commitment to helping everyone eat better.

The challenge is available exclusively on the Nectar digital app. Those who choose to participate will also have access to inspiring recipe ideas, tips on food waste and storage, information on sustainability and recycling and much more.

To register for Nectar’s “Great fruit & veg challenge” and for more information on where to earn and spend points, visit