Mark your calendars. Amazon Prime Day begins July 12. Good news if you plan to take advantage of the sales tsunami. There is an additional Amazon Prime Day discount to apply to your order.

Since inflation is sky high, you need all the deals you can get. That’s why you should buy what you need on Amazon Prime Day. You don’t need to wait a few weeks to enjoy it.

Many Amazon merchants are offering early deals this year. Tap or click here for 10 early Amazon Prime Day deals you can take advantage of. To maximize your savings, follow these steps to get an additional $20 Amazon Prime Day discount when you shop.

You have to do a little song and dance to get it

Luckily, it’s pretty easy. You just need to meet a few requirements: First, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. Second, you must have never downloaded the Amazon Photos app before.

To get the free money, you need to download the Amazon Photos app on iOS, Android or computer for the first time. Then upload an image to the app. You should also enable the app’s auto-save feature to automatically save the image you just downloaded.

Act quickly. The offer ends on July 8, so you must do so before. You can also turn off the autosave feature of the app later.

Keep this caveat in mind

You only get the discount if you have never downloaded Amazon Photos before. Amazon is offering this deal because they want more people to download the app. You don’t get the free money if you already use the app.

Also, if you do this, you don’t get free money to use as you wish. You can only use the $20 on Amazon Prime Day. You will therefore no longer be able to use it on an Amazon order after Prime Day.

Remember: Although the bonanza of discounts is in July, you can still take advantage of it. Many offers start at the beginning of this year. Here are some of our favorite early Amazon Prime Day deals.

How to get your Amazon Prime Day discount

Download the Amazon Photos app for the first time. Next, upload a photo to the app and enable auto-save. Finally, you’re ready for the $20 discount. Now you wonder where the free money is.

You may have to wait a few days. A few days after you sign up, Amazon will confirm that it has applied the credit to your Amazon account. You should be able to apply the $20 to any Amazon Prime Day purchase, as long as it’s over $40. Good shopping!

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