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Have you ever wondered what is hiding in your genetic profile? DNA testing kits like AncestryDNA can help you teach you things about your genetic makeup that you may have always been curious about, such as where your ancestors came from or how many of your cousins ​​have ever been tested. If you haven’t jumped on the DNA kit band yet, now might be your perfect excuse to grab an AncestryDNA kit at 40% less than its regular price thanks to the Ancestry summer sale.

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From now until August 17, you can get discounts on AncestryDNA’s product line. There’s the Standard Kit, which is available at 40% off its list price of $ 99 to $ 59, and the Standard Kit with Ancestry’s Traits feature at 42% off the usual $ 119 at $ 69. You can also pick up the standard kit with a three-month World Explorer package for just $ 60 ($ 40 off).

The contents of an AncestryDNA test kit, which includes a pin tube, return packaging, and activation information.

We have tried both the standard kit and the trait kit and have been impressed every time. We named the standard AncestryDNA kit as the best of its kind after our business writer, Courtney Campbell, found a ton of information to sift through, from her ethnicity to potential DNA matches with other Ancestry members. She also loved the detailed information she got about the exact regions her ancestors may have come from and the context the site provided through its cutting edge database. Ancestry has over 18 million members, significantly more than competing companies, which is useful for tracing the roots of heritage and connecting our DNA to our family tree.

As for the Traits feature, we found it to be more extensive in the way it provides a breakdown of different physical and sensory characteristics that allows you to compare your results to those of other Ancestry members using DNA. and the correspondence of traits by region. Courtney was able to easily see what characteristics she was likely to have based on her DNA, ranging from her iris patterns and hair type. She found it to be a useful addition that provided an even greater wealth of information.

There is always something intriguing lurking in our family trees and if you want to see how far your DNA really goes in the world, quickly buy these test kits.

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