For those who are all too familiar with delivery trucks wrapped in bananas and consider themselves proud Prime members, Amazon Prime Day is essentially Christmas in July. Beyond daily deals on shipping, exclusive streaming, and modest Whole Foods discounts, Prime Day makes your annual payment of $139 (or $69, you lucky college students) well worth it. Prime Day deals rolled out last week, and there are still more to come. We’ve compiled a list of vegan deals to expect during Prime Day. Get ready to shop.

Whole Foods Market

1 Whole Foods Market transportation

At Whole Foods, Prime Day starts early. From July 6 to July 12, this vegan grocer offers a mix of unique offerings. Some will last all week while others may be limited to single days. Look for deep discounts on whole-grain vegan pizzas from the hot bar, price drops on take-out items, and a number of other delicious savings on your favorite plant-based products. Keep an eye on your Whole Foods app so you don’t miss a thing.


2 Ninja Air Fryer

Once you own an air fryer, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Discounted from $129.99 to $89.99, now is the time to invest in this priceless device. Other brands are also expected to go on sale, so you might want to do some research to figure out which one is right for you. If you already fry your own tofu and vegetable tempura at home, buy one of these wonderful appliances for a friend – they make perfect wedding favors.

VegNews.magicmillmagic mill

3 Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

For those who have the patience to wait at least 24 hours to prepare food, a dehydrator is a truly unique and valuable appliance. This particular model features multiple adjustable trays, making it ideal for making artisan vegan cheeses at home. These machines can also produce premium kale chips, sun-dried tomatoes, and mushroom bacon. Hurry, it’s gone from $189.99 to $149.99.


4 Misen chef’s knife

If you don’t own a chef’s knife, or yours is dangerously dull, now is the time to invest in this invaluable kitchen tool. A sharp, quality chef’s knife is essential in any kitchen arsenal, no matter how much or how much food you cook at home. One of the few things it can’t do is slice bread, but other than that, this versatile knife really can do it all. Capitalize on Prime savings before the end of the day.

VegNews.  stasherhider

5 Stasher Reusable Bags

Never feel guilty about buying single-use plastic bags again. These sturdy, reusable silicone bags come in a variety of sizes to store all your vegan snacks and leftovers. Not only are they dishwasher and microwave safe, but they also feature a variety of fun colors…or clear, if you prefer to keep it simple. The discount varies depending on the size you order, but expect a price drop of around 30% or more.


6 Vitamix blender

Similar to the air fryer, once you’ve experienced the usefulness of a life-changing Vitamix, there’s no going back. Soups, smoothies, sauces, desserts… you’ll find yourself using it every day, even multiple times a day. There are different models with prices ranging from $550 to $269, but if you’re looking for a high-end machine with a base price, check out the Vitamix 5200 blender. This great machine traditionally sells for $550, but the 12 and July 13, it’s available for $279. Not bad for a blender that cleans itself. If that still seems like a financial reach, check out the deals on “renewed” models. They are used, but still shuffle, swirl and work like new.

VegNEws.LyfefuelpowderLyfe Fuel

seven protein powder

If you regularly find yourself in jars of vegan protein powder, you can definitely save a few bucks on Prime Day. We expect Amazon to announce these last-minute deals, so keep an eye out for them. Some of the brands we like include Lyfe Fuel and Vega.

VegNews.CHloeChloe Coscarelli

8 Cookbook bundles

Complete your collection of vegan cookbooks by taking advantage of Amazon’s book bundles. Some of our favorite vegan recipe developers keep making cookbooks, and we all want them! We’ll be watching for deals on books by Chloe Coscarelli, Erin McKenna and Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

VegNews.VitaminFriendsFriends of vitamins

9 vitamins

No matter how much enriched nutritional yeast you sprinkle on (and if you eat like us, that’s a lot), chances are you can still sustain your B12 intake. Grab a bargain on Garden of Life vegan products like Vitamin Code Healthy Blood (i.e. iron with vitamins B and C) and myKind Organics B-12 Organic Spray (it tastes like raspberry, but in a pleasant, non-medicinal way). We’re also not afraid to admit that we take Friends Iron Vegan Gummies vitamins daily (originally intended for children).

VegNews.InstantPotInstant Pot

ten Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker

It’s a pressure cooker! It’s a rice cooker! It’s a vegan yogurt maker! That’s practically seven kitchen appliances in one compact machine. This magical tool is on sale for $200-$130 for Prime members, and we’re using that $70 savings to buy an Instant Pot cookbook and a vegan yogurt starter kit (and there’s still spare change! ).


11 Nutr vegetable milk machine

Create your own plant milk as fast as you can brew a pot of coffee. This machine allows you to make and customize the non-dairy milk of your choice, from oats to almonds and virtually any hybrid you can think of. This compact tool is 20% off at Amazon during the virtual sales holiday. The best part? It won’t take up space on the counter.

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