HDFC Bank reset his Amazon sale discount offers. This means that if a user has taken advantage of the 10% instant cashback banking offer on Amazon, they can take advantage of the offer again starting today.
HDFC Bank cardholders can benefit from an instant 10% discount when purchasing products during the Great Amazonian Indian Festival to sell. The sale started October 2 for Prime members and October 3 for everyone. It is day 3 of the Amazon sale, and many users have probably made a purchase in the sale using the HDFC Bank card and thus exhausted their offer of 10% off the HDFC Bank card.
The new bank offer reset announcement will help these users get the discount a second time. Readers should remember that the HDFC Bank offer, as Amazon says, is only valid until October 7.
How do HDFC Bank offers work on Amazon purchases?
To qualify for the instant 10% discount using HDFC bank cards, the minimum order value must be Rs 5,000. Credit and debit card holders will enjoy discounts of up to Rs 1,500 for non-EMI orders during sale. While the discount for EMI purchases using HDFC Bank credit cards can be up to Rs 1,750. This was applicable for the Amazon sale days from October 2-5,
Now the bank has reset the offer, which means users have another chance to take advantage of the discount, in case they’ve used it once. As of today, the value of the discount will be up to Rs 1,250 for non-EMI orders and up to Rs 1,500 for EMI orders. It will be valid from today, from October 5 to 7.
For HDFC Bank debit card holders, the value of the discount remains unchanged. They can get $ 10 or up to Rs 1,000 off a minimum order value of Rs 2,500. This includes both non-EMI and EMI purchases.

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