The HIGH streets from top to bottom of the country will be teeming with shoppers with bags full of goodies as the holiday season approaches.

But timing is everything – you might find prices get more expensive as you get closer to Christmas.


We reveal to you the best times for Christmas shopping at department stores like PrimarkCredit: Getty

To get the best deal, we asked eagle-eyed shopping experts what times they shop at Primark stores in Matalan for cheaper Christmas gifts.

It comes as households face rising costs to put gifts under the tree and a festive feast on the table.

Experts have warned that the cost of toys could rise by 50% as retailers spit more to ship gifts to the UK.

Shortages could also occur, as the shipping crisis continues and a shortage of truck drivers means insufficient deliveries to keep shelves stocked.

Despite the problems, ministers warned Britons not to panic to buy toys and said they were “confident” families will be able to get festive gifts.

Here’s when you should shop at your favorite stores for your groceries.


Primark is famous for its affordable prices – but because the cost of items is low, there are usually no big sales.

This means that there probably won’t be a lot of deals before Christmas to take advantage of.

But there are often “secret” sale items in store if you know where to look.

These items can be cut to half or more of their original price and are more likely to land on the rails when seasonal sales hit.

This means you need to make sure to ask Primark staff if there are any discounted items in the store – or waiting in the back – as Christmas approaches.

To increase your chances of getting the best deals, Katy Stevens, Savvy Saver, who runs the Money Blog Katykicker, says to shop at Primark at certain times of the week – and during quieter times.

“The best time to get a good deal tends to be midweek mornings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays,” she said.

“Aim to visit the stores first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds and get good deals.

“Quiet places, such as those in busy city centers, can be filled with great deals.”


Poundland is perfect for storing filler treats that won’t break the bank.

But if you want to grab the best bits, it’s an idea to start buying now, according to money-saving guru Charlotte Jessop, who runs the Take care of your money Blog.

“Christmas items are already stocked in Poundland, so if you’re looking for decorations, stock fillers, or sweet treats it’s a good idea to start shopping now,” she said.

To grab a bargain for as little as 25 pence, be sure to shop in stores later in the day, Charlotte added.

“If you are looking for perishables, remember that Poundland will reduce the price of anything that is expired that day to 50 pence.

“From 4 p.m., it will drop to 25p.”

So, if you’re looking for cheap chocolate to pop under your tree, be sure to hit the stores before they close for bargain prices.


Another department store worth visiting for Christmas bargains is Wilko, Charlotte said.

For example, the retailer is currently reducing the price of Christmas trees by 20% and selling two mega-jars of Celebrations and Quality Streets for £ 7.

It’s best to keep an eye out for early season offers like this – and ask the staff when more offers are coming as the holiday season approaches.

It’s best to set your alarm if you plan to visit Wilko, Charlotte added.

“Wilko has deliveries about three times a week, but it varies from store to store,” she said.

“You may need to contact your local branch to find out when they are. Most stock is out before 9 am, so get there in the morning to take your pick from the best products.”


Argos is one of the must-see stores for parents looking to shop for kids toys and electronics this Christmas.

But wait until Black Friday, said shopping and savings expert Joseph Seager, for a chance to get these items at a discount.

Many stores typically participate in the Black Friday sales, which take place around the end of November.

However, Argos launched its sales and discounts a few weeks earlier than in previous years.

While we don’t yet know what’s on sale this year, the past year saw big discounts on items like Samsung TVs and Canon cameras.

However, you can still take advantage of the discounts now.

Joseph, who runs the Money Blog thrifty, said: “Keep an eye out for clearance items now and you can get video games, TVs and toys for less, as well as filler items like the LEGO Super Mario character packs for just 50 pence.” , did he declare.


You can get free money to spend on your transportation to Matalan for Christmas if you use these money-saving tips.

Sign up for the Matalan Rewards card and you can get a £ 5 voucher to spend if you spend £ 25 or more.

Subscription to the card is free and you can request it on The Matalan site.

If you register now, you can get free money on your Christmas gifts.

Pick the right time and you could get items for an even cheaper price by shopping on seasonal sales.

Wait until November when many stores cut prices to move inventory, and you might find items at discounted prices.

Primark’s Christmas collection is here and it’s packed with great value bedding, candles and decorations

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