The Iceland supermarket chain will close one of its York stores next month, she said.

The Stirling Road branch in Clifton Moor will close permanently on February 12.

Signs have been installed in the store, encouraging customers to use its larger Food Warehouse instead, half a mile from Hurricane Way.

Buyers at the old store are being offered coupons for the bigger one this week.

Food Warehouse stores have become a growing priority for the company, since the first opened in 2014.

It opened its 150th last fall and told trade magazine The grocer which he hoped to reach 200 by 2024.

The store will close next month
The Clifton Moor Food Warehouse

The Clifton Moor Food Warehouse, in the old Mothercare building next to the Smyth toy store, opened in 2019.

At that time, the company said the Stirling Road store would also remain open, but has now decided to focus on the larger store. The Stirling Road store has been there since 2013.

The company opened a second food warehouse in York last year, in Foss Islands, and also has another Icelandic branch in Fulford.

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